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Core Houses


A core house is a basic low cost but decent house that can accommodate an average family size. Core houses act as a quick shelter solution to low and modest earners in Zimbabwe and beyond. In Zimbabwe core houses are common in high density areas such as Glen Norah, Kambuzuma, Dzivarasekwa and Chitungwiza.  Normally a core house gives the room for owner to extend it in future because is normally an extract from the main house plan.

ShelterSol Property Development built core houses for clients with own land and also built its own core houses for the open market. The construction is funded by housing loans provided by ShelterSol finance. Our core houses vary in size according to the client’s ability to repay.  They range in size from 1 room to 6 rooms with bathroom and toilet.

Our ideal time to finish core house construction is 2 months so that our client quickly gets into the house and starts to service the loan easily without the rent burden.

Residential Flats

These are affordable flats for sale and for letting in urban areas to ease homelessness.